West Hallam - 'Hall Of Fame'
w/e 09 May 2010
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Lady With The Lamp

PosterThe Methodist Church at West Hallam stages a Flower Festival every two years and as this year ends in an even number, it was time again to enjoy the event which is held over the Bank Holiday weekend at the beginning of May. Each time a theme is chosen and this year it was 'Hall of Fame' featuring some well known personalities. There were ten displays in all and many of them can be seen here. The first display to be seen this year was at the entrance to the church and portrayed the 'Lady With The Lamp'. Although born in Italy, Florence Nightingale was brought up on the family's estate at Lea Hall in Derbyshire.

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Another local celebrity is the controversial author D. H. Lawrence, born a few miles away in Eastwood, and the symbol he adopted of the Phoenix was expertly created in flowers.
Sir Richard Arkwright

Sir Richard Arkwright was High Sheriff of Derbyshire in 1787 but is probably better known as being a leading entrepreneur in the Industrial Revolution and his water powered Masson Mill for spinning cotton into thread still stands at Matlock Bath although it is no longer used for this purpose. The flower display in this corner of the church also featured photos and several items associated with the spinning process.
Nelson Mandela

On another wall in the church, a large flag provided the backdrop to an internationally acclaimed figure - Nelson Mandela. The anti-apartheid activist and freedom fighter imprisoned for twenty seven years was released in 1990 and went on to lead the transition to mulit-racial democracy becoming President of South Africa between 1994 and 1999 - a worthy inclusion in any Hall of Fame.
Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong of course, the first man to set foot on the moon, is another who needs little introduction and one corner of the church had been transformed into a (Clangers inspired?) moonscape complete with twinkling stars and a flower adorned moon module.
Alexander Graham Bell

Communication between the astronauts who went to the moon and earth was of paramount importance and the next display was inspired by Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the first practical telephone who obtained a patent in 1876 and succeeded in getting his telephone to work just three days later. I don't suppose for one minute he envisaged the mobile devices in common use today.
Ice Dancers

The sporting world was the inspiration for another display and local ice dancing heroes Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean who both come from Nottingham, had their photo incorporated into a window setting that also included a pair of ice skates and boots. The European and World champions added the Olympic title to their list of achievements in 1984 scoring twelve perfect sixes in the process.

Other displays in the church were inspired by Grace Darling, the lighthouse keeper's daughter famous for a maritime rescue in 1838 and former Prime Minister 'Iron lady' Margaret Thatcher but the focal point of the Flower Festival was a wooden cross bedecked with pure white flowers and titled simply 'Jesus - The Son of God'.

The festival opened on Friday evening with a concert in the church and there was a Songs of Praise service on Sunday evening. It closed on Tuesday and the members of the church then had to dismantle all the displays but no doubt they are already planning for 2012 when I wouldn't be surprised if thoughts of the Olympics are at the forefront of their thoughts.

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