West Hallam - Methodist Church Flower Festival
w/e 05 May 2002

West Hallam Methodist Church

If you take the A609 Derby road out of Ilkeston, after a couple of miles you will reach the Mapperley crossroads and just a little way beyond is the West Hallam Methodist Church.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend a Flower Festival was held here with the theme of "The Rainbow". This display in the porch of the church was the sight that greeted the visitors. A projector with rotating coloured filters constantly changed the look of the flowers.
God's Promise

The centrepiece in the church featured Noah's Ark with the animals leaving as they had entered two by two. The ark was perched on a mountain top with the flood waters receding below and the strips of material in the colours of the rainbow used as a backdrop symbolised God's Promise never to flood the world again.

Around the church were seven more floral displays each with a coloured theme. This is part of the yellow display.

And this was the orange theme.

The violet arrangement filled a corner near the door.

There was also a Friday evening concert that raised over £300.00 for the Rainbows Children's Hospice. The hospice is the only one caring for children and their families in the whole of the East Midlands and relies totally on voluntary contributions. Adult hospices are partly funded by government. Events such as West Hallam's concert are but a drop in the ocean yet every penny raised is put to good use. If no more money was forthcoming from today onwards, the hospice could only remain open for about three months. If you feel you could help with a small donation please contact the Rainbow Children's Hospice, Appeals Office, 6 Tower Street, Leicester, LE1 6WS. There is also a web site that is currently being redesigned at www.rainbows.co.uk where you can find out more about the work of the hospice.

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