Shipley Country Park - Kite Festival
w/e 28 July 2002


I returned to the
Cinderhill Trail in Shipley Country Park this weekend and saw many butterflies settling on the wild flowers. But this was not the main pupose of my return visit for this was the weekend the Midland Kite Fliers staged their Festival. It was possible to see some of the kites high in the sky from the trail - one is arrowed in the small picture left.

The weather was warm and sunny with enough breeze (as can be seen by the windsocks above) to keep the kite fliers happy.

This muli-coloured type of kite was popular, being flown by several people around the display area. Others were just content to lie on their backs and soak up the sun - or were they just looking at the kites?
A Sky Full Of Kites

Enthusiastic amateurs were filling the sky with kites of all types, doing their best not to get their lines crossed and tangled.
Monster Kite

One of the stars of the festival was surely this ninety foot long inflatable monster in the main arena.
Big Red Man

For some though the heat of the afternoon was just too much. Even this inflatable red man had to seek some shelter!

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