Shipley Country Park - The Cinderhill Trail
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Spring Colours
Shipley Country Park lies midway between Ilkeston and Heanor with a Visitor Centre in the north-western corner. The centre lies in a hollow and is surrounded by shrubs and bushes so it is not intrusive into the landscape. Many paths and trails radiate from the centre to all corners of the park and a touch of colour is added to this path by the spring flowers.
To The Trim Trail
There are many and varied walks that the able bodied can enjoy in Shipley Country Park with a variety of scenery from open parkland to wooded trails. This path from near the Visitor Centre leads to "The Trim Trail". The more energetic will find various structures reminiscent of gymnastic apparatus (parallel bars, beams, etc) at regular intervals around the trail where they can perform various exercises. As if walking round the park wasn't enough!
The Cinderhill Trail 
For the disabled visitor, access has been limited to the areas close to the car parks. Now Derbyshire County Council has opened a new area of the park that was originally fenced off and constructed an "access for all" path called "The Cinderhill Trail".
A Zig-Zag Path 
The circular trail is generally level although as this picture shows there are some slight inclines on the path as it zig-zags between the trees.
At several points around the trail, opportunities exist for some fine views over the park and more interest is added with a series of wooden scultures. This one resembles a giant spider basking at the edge of the path.
"If you go down in the woods today, you're sure of a big surpise" is the opening line to the song about a picnic for teddy bears but in Shipley Park you are more likely to encounter alien type creatures!

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