The Wollaton Trail - Part 01
w/e 21 January 2024
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

It's become a tradition with Ilkeston Cam to visit Wollaton in January each year and that usually entails a walk through the Deer Park. Looking for something different this year I searched the internet and found two sites that both detail a Trail through the old village.

Neither site includes a Trail Map so rather than repeat what is written there (and be guilty of plagiarism) I've picked a few of the sites and buildings mentioned taken a few photos whilst walking through the village. If you would like more information about any of them I would recommend visiting either or both of these sites:

In the following descriptions if I refer to the "Trail" it is information gleaned from these sites.

Doctors' Corner

We started the walk at the place we've always known as Doctors' Corner, the junction of Trowell Road, Russell Drive (straight ahead) and Wollaton Road to the right. Russell Drive bypasses the old village and the Trail informs that it dates from 1925 and was named after Rev. Russell.

Wollaton Village was once an entity in its own right but has now been swallowed up into the conurbation of Nottingham and has many large residential dwellings. It is something of a surprise therefore that the old pinfold, an enclosure for stray animals, has not been built on. It is situated on the left near the end of Wollaton Road.
Wright Institute

A little further down Wollaton Road and on the opposite side to the pinfold is the Wright Institute.

Signs above the door show that it was built in 1900. To the left of the Institute is the drive to the sports ground and there is another sign showing the various clubs that use the facility. It was here at the end of the 1985/86 football season that I refereed the H. B. Poole Trophy match between Midland Amateur Alliance players representing teams from the Derbyshire F.A. and the Nottinghamshire F.A. following which I received a trophy of my own as a memento of the game.

H.B. Poole Trophy

Inscription reads:
H.B. Poole Trophy
Rectory Avenue

A little nearer the village centre and back on the other side of the road, is a private drive called Rectory Avenue which the Trail notes was formerly called Pig Lane leading to Pig Yard on the corner of the Old Piggery. It also points out the three-storied cottages on the left and the small distance between the top two storeys.
Old Barn

Next to Rectory Avenue is the Admiral Rodney pub car park at the rear of which the Trail points out the Old Barn, a former banqueting hall that in 1841 housed 80 three to eleven year old children in the village school.
Day Nursery

The Trail advises looking across from Rectory Avenue at the Old Post House which was originally three cottages but unfortunately it is now well hidden behind a high wall and several trees and is hardly visible from the road. The gable end can just be seen here beyond the lighting column at the end of the Playhouse Day Nursery (which does not feature in the Trail notes).
North Side Cottages

We've now reached the junction of Wollaton Road and Bramcote Lane which in effect is the Village Square. On the north side is a row of three small cottages, so small in fact that the middle one goes by the name of "The Pokey 'Ole".
South Side Cottages

The south side on the Square also has a row of similar cottages but these are larger than their opposite number. All of the cottages around the square date from the 18th century and have survived two demolition applications to be replaced by modern shops. Such a move would surely have destroyed the whole character of the village centre and thankfully opposition to the redevelopment was successful and also led to the formation of a Preservation Society which later became the Wollaton Historical and Conservation Society - creators of the Trail.

Village Pump

Between the two rows of cottages and in the centre of the Square at the end of Bramcote Lane (inset) is the Village Pump, another historic feature of the village. In the next part we'll continue our exploration of the village in Bramcote Lane before returning to continue along Wollaton Road.

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