Stanton By Dale - Part 8 - Quarry Hill Road
w/e 09 November 2003

For the information about Stanton By Dale I am indebted to my wife Sandra who conducted much of the research, the staff at Ilkeston Library for help with archived material and the Erewash Groundwork Trust who provided an excellent leaflet packed with information.
 Quarry Hill

In the previous seven parts we have looked at most of the main streets in the village and to conclude the series, our walk takes us from the junction of Main Road and School Lane into Quarry Hill.
The Village Pound

A couple of hundred yards down Quarry Hill, a grassy recess bounded by a stone wall and guarded by two wooden stakes, is all that remains of the old village pound for stray animals.
Old Stone Quarry

The pound overlooks one of the old stone quarries from which the road derives its name and which provided walling and building material used in the village. Stone from here was also used in the locks on the former Nutbrook Canal.
Golf Club

We are now almost at the end of the village and right next to the village pound is the Erewash Valley Golf Club. Despite the "Private Property" sign, a footpath leads across the course, under the motorway and on into Sandiacre.
Foremen's Row

On the opposite side of the road stand three pairs of "Garden City" type semi-detached properties. These were designed by Ilkeston architect H.Tatham Sudbury who was responsible for many buildings in and around Ilkeston. These houses are known as "Foremen's Row".
Working From Home

Long before the demise of Stanton Ironworks, the properties were built to house the company's foremen. Although the industrial landscape in the valley below has changed considerably over the years, the foremen would have had a good view of their workplace from their homes as this picture taken earlier this year shows. It gives an entirely new meaning to the phrase "Working From Home"! As we return up Quarry Hill towards the village centre, there is a footpath by the side of the last (or first) of the properties in Foremen's Row that offers a shortcut to the works (inset) but if we follow it and turn left, it will take us back to our starting point near St Michael's Church.

For the time being, this concludes our explorations and examination of the historical sites in Stanton By Dale but no doubt we shall return for another look at this tranquil village on our doorstep.

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