Stanton By Dale - Part 7 - School Lane
w/e 05 October 2003

For the information about Stanton By Dale I am indebted to my wife Sandra who conducted much of the research, the staff at Ilkeston Library for help with archived material and the Erewash Groundwork Trust who provided an excellent leaflet packed with information.
 First Properties

Having reached the end of the village near the pond (see Part 6) we now return along School Lane where the yellow of some late summer flowers adds a welcome splash of colour to the first properties in the village on the left hand side.
School Lane

That same yellow is also apparent on the right hand side of the road in the form of a road safety notice fixed to a lighting column advising about the dangers of driving too quickly. The campaign is running under the umbrella title of "Better Late Than Never".
Lighting Column 

That same lighting column, pictured here prior to the current campaign, is of interest for another reason as it bears the name of the manufacturer "Stanton and Staveley". Stanton By Dale of course overlooks the plant where these reinforced concrete columns are made and although they can now be seen world wide, the village can claim to be the place where some of the first columns to be made were erected.
Post Office Sign 
At a break in the fence two signs, one for the Post Office (closed in 2008) and another for the village shop proclaim the proximity of these business premises but the building beyond bears little resemblance to a modern shopping arcade.
The Old School

 The building is in fact, the old school dating from 1853. These days it is used as a meeting place for the church and is used as a mother and toddler centre. Schoolchildren now have to travel out of the village for their educations.
Village Shop

In an earlier part of this series I promised that we would later see the current Post Office (closed in 2008) and here tucked away in a corner of the old playground, next to a garden shed, is the building that doubles as the village shop. According to my information, this is a converted Second World War air raid shelter and although a far cry from the out of town shopping centres of today, it's a valuable asset to the villagers.

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