Stanton By Dale - Part 5 - In The Centre Of The Village
w/e 10 August 2003

For the information about Stanton By Dale I am indebted to my wife Sandra who conducted much of the research, the staff at Ilkeston Library for help with archived material and the Erewash Groundwork Trust who provided an excellent leaflet packed with information.
 Flowers On The Wall

Having returned along the length of Dale Road following our last visit, we are now almost back in the centre of the village. But before we reach it, there is time to admire the flowers on the wall of this building opposite the Methodist Chapel.
Manor Farm/Court

And the building in question, to the right of this picture is part of Manor Court. Previously it formed some of the outbuildings to Manor Farm but these have now been converted into modern dwellings.
Village Green

A triangular oasis where the three main roads through the village meet form a natural village green. Stanhope Street is to the left, Dale Road behind and Main Street to the right.

Having already explored the roads from Ilkeston and towards Dale Abbey our route from the green will follow Main Street and take us in the direction of Risley and Sandiacre.
Hall Entrance

Just off the green where signs of the recent changes to the road markings are still visible is the entrance to Stanton Hall Nursing Home. Notice that some of the trees are already beginning to show autumnal shades even though we are still enjoying the heights of summer with temperatures around 30°C (86°F).
Stanton Hall

Once through the entrance the grounds open up to reveal a mainly nineteenth century building. Fund raising events are occasionally held here but the grounds are not normally open to the public. The Hall holds an important place in the history of the area as it was home to one Benjamin Smith who became known as "The Ironmaster". Leasing mineral rights from Earl Stanhope, he was the instigator of what in later years became the renowned international company of Stanton Ironworks. The Crompton family who later owned the ironworks also lived in Stanton Hall.

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