Wollaton Park - January Walk 2019 continued
w/e 27 January 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

This second part of the walk takes us from the Camellia House, around the lake and then back out of the park.


After leaving the Camellia House we walked through the formal gardens to this gate and then down the path towards the lake. The fence and tress to the left of the path mark the boundary of the Wollaton Park Golf Course.


We strayed from the path part way down to approach the boundary for a better view of the deer that had congregated there on the golf course.

Sitting a little apart from the rest of the deer was this magnificent stag. People have been known to get up close and personal with these beasts to take selfies but that is a dangerous thing to do as all the deer are wild animals and I for one, wouldn't like to be on the wrong end of those antlers. This photo was taken from the boundary fence with the help of the zoom lens!

We continued down to the lake where a number of geese both of the Canadian and Egyptian variety had gathered near the reedbeds. The Egyptian Geese had scuttled down the bank into the water.
Rhododendron Walk

As we began our walk by the lakeside, it was by means of a path lined with rhododendron bushes on either side. We've visited Wollaton Park many times in the past but hardly ever seem to judge it for when the rhododendrons are in flower.

Gaps in the tangled branches gave frequent views across the lake.

Rounding the end of the lake by the old boathouse the bank has a more structured form and it looks like a popular place for athletes with people running in both directions.
Thompson's Wood

The path continues through Thompson's Wood with the lake a little further away to the right but it soon returns to the water's edge.
Feeding Area

And the place where path and water meet is the feeding area we passed on our way up to the Hall.
Way Out

Turning left now we returned up the avenue of trees back to the Parkside exit to the park.
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