Wollaton Park - January Walk 2019
w/e 20 January 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

As the calendar rolls over to another year we are often drawn to the wide open spaces of Wollaton Park and this year was no exception. We have of course visited the park in other seasons but it is a year since pictures of the park were added to the site but here we go again with another January walk.

Wollaton Park

There are several ways into the park but on this occasion we opted for the entrance off Parkside and walked down the avenue of trees seen here on the right to the lake. The Hall was just visible through the haze above the distant tree tops (just left of centre).
The Lake

The path leads to the end of the lake which is a popular spot for feeding the birds.
To The Hall

From the end of the lake we crossed a small bridge over a dry moat and followed the path up to the Hall.
Hall Buildings

Impressive as it looks this is in fact the side of the Hall, the front being the face to the right although the main entrance for visitors is the left facing side. The building on the left is the old Stable Block. The signpost points to various places in the park and indicates the path leading up to the right which leads to the Camellia House. We however turned left into the Stable Block.

The Stable Block now houses the Nottingham Industrial Museum but immediately on the left through the entrance arch is the Visitor Centre and Shop. In the first courtyard beyond is a cafe. We continued through the arches and courtyard.
Potting Shed

In the second courtyard is "The Potting Shed" where various items for the garden can be purchased although a sign (inset) inviting you to pick next door's flowers would probably not be too popular with the neighbours!

Wollaton Hall

From the Stable Block we made our way past the main car park and followed the drive up to the main entrance on the north side (rear) of the Hall and then proceeded through a gate on the left to walk around to the front.

Although the lawns are rather plain looking now, the view from the Hall in its heyday must have been a splendid site as old old drawing on the Nottinghamshire History website shows (link). The roof of the building on the right is the Camellia House and it was to there we headed next.

To get there we followed the paths and descended the steps turning right to continue along the path below the terrace.
Camellia House

As we approached the Camellia House, there was a hint of dampness in the air but after a brief look round inside, it was dry again when we stepped outside. The Camellia House is said to be the first known example of a building in prefabricated cast iron and glass.
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