West Hallam - Through Pewit Carr
w/e 30 June 2002


The final part of the walk over some of the land between High Lane East at West Hallam and the outskirts of Ilkeston takes us this week through an area known as Pewit Carr. In the previous part we had reached the Nutbrook Trail but leaving this, the route leads over this footbridge into Pewit Carr.
Pewit Carr

A carr is an area of woody vegetation, established on a marshy area. On first entering Pewit Carr an information board has been the subject of graffiti artists but some of the information can be seen below.
Information BoardIn 1994 Pewit Carr was designated a Local Nature Reserve. Owned by Derbyshire County Council and managed by the Derbyshire Countryside Service (East), it is an important refuge for a great many plant and animal species.

The area was originally a subsidence flash adjacent to derelict colliery land. It now contains a variety of habitats including alder carr woodlands, hawthorn scrub, reed beds, open water, old canal and flowering meadow.

The grassland is being managed to maintain the variety of wildflowers and insects and to stop encroaching scrub. The alder carr woodland has much standing dead wood which provides a haven for beetles and other insects. This dieback happens naturally with carr woodland but could also be due to a rise in water levels following the colliery reclamation scheme.

The Nutbrook Canal, built in 1796, passes through the site and continues into the Erewash valley.

The Erewash Borough Council guide I was following directs walkers over this style and across the field back to High Lane East.
Woodland Path

But it was here that I decided to turn left and follow this path through the trees to make my way home.
Sports Ground

As the path emerged from the trees a site that was very familiar came into view. Now the home ground of the Nutbrook Cricket Club this was for many years the home ground of Ilkeston Electric Football Club, for whom, in my more active days, I played and acted as secretary for several years in the 60s and 70s.
Slow Down

Strolling on, I was amused to see this sign as I neared the main road - just how fast did they think I would be walking?! Oh and there's those power lines again.

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