West Hallam - By The Nutbrook
w/e 23 June 2002

Orange Water

The walk continues from where last week's images left off along a path with the Nutbrook Canal on the left. The guide I was following advises to look out for some orange staining in the water caused by the water being pumped from the nearby (now defunct) mine.
Limekiln Lock

Because of the vegetation at the side of the Nutbrook, it was difficult to get close to the edge but it was also possible to see at the same place as the orange water the remnants of lock number 9. This is also known as Limekiln Lock.
A litle further on, a left turn leads over the water to an old railway bridge "decorated" by graffiti artists. Somehow I feel the "art" is out of place here but that seems to be the way of the world today.
Crossing Nutbrook

Pausing to look back towards the lock it is difficult to imagine that this was once navigable. The track on the right leads to Shipley Country Park and is part of the Nutbrook Trail, a nine mile traffic free path from Long Eaton.
Under The Bridge

My route though was the opposite way under the "decorated" railway bridge.
Manner Floods

With the Nutbrook Canal now on the right, the Trail runs alongside a small lake on the left. I've always know this as Manner Floods but with the disappearance of the collieries from the area it probably now has a more upmarket name. A feature of the walk thus far has been the overhead network bringing power to Ilkeston - the guide at one point gives directions referring to one particular pole. For the most part I have been able to keep them out of the photos but there is no escape in this view across the floods.

Continued in Part 03 - "Pewit Carr"

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