The Top Cut Loop - Part 03
w/e 22 November 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490


With more water in this section of the disused canal there were also more waterfowl and several of them had congregated near a smallholding on Cossall Road.
Robbinetts Arm

As we neared the apex of the loop in the canal, a larger expanse of water emerged where the Robbinetts Arm branches off and which used to serve a colliery and a brickworks when traffic on the canal was at its busiest.

Rounding the bend and with Cossall Village now visible straight ahead a footbridge crosses the canal but this has been added since the closure of the canal to traffic in 1928. The canal was abandoned in 1937.

Now heading in the opposite direction the short cut across Tormentil Field emerges onto the towpath where a footbridge crosses the canal. This is now a fixed bridge but when the canal was in use it was a swing bridge.
Short Cut

A gap in the hedgerow shows the short cut footpath across Tormentil Field.
Distant Car Park

And another gap revealed the sunlight glinting off the vehicles we had passed earlier in the Cossall Road Car Park.
Tree Line

We had started the walk in misty conditions but as we neared Mill Lane, denoted by the tree line at the edge of the field, the day had warmed up significantly and it was more like a summer's day than one in autumn.
To Cossall

At Mill Lane the canal has been filled in and another swing bridge removed altogether. This is the view up the lane towards Cossall.
Erewash Valley

Mill Lane in the other direction drops down into the Erewash Valley and it was on this short piece that we met more people, both pedestrians and cyclists, than on the rest of the walk put together. I think the fine weather had encouraged a lot more people out.

Erewash Canal

Whilst many of those we met were just starting out on their walks, we had nearly finished ours and after walking down Mill Lane and crossing the railway bridge it was just a short walk from Potter's Lock back along the Erewash Canal to Green's Lock to complete the circuit.
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