Shipley Country Park - Post Lockdown - Part 02
w/e 25 April 2021
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

We left the garden at Derby Lodge and walked up the hill towards the site of the old Shipley Hall.

Coach Road

We did not go to the Hall site but continued along Coach Road by the Suffragette Wall towards Nottingham Lodge.

Nearing Nottingham Lodge we bore left onto Dog Kennel Lane but then immediately turned left again to follow an unmade track down to the fields.
Dog Walkers

Various paths have been mown into the grass and we followed the one diagonally across the fields back towards Osborne's Pond, meeting only a few dog walkers on the way.

The path led through a number of gaps in the hedges at the field boundaries.
Cricket Club

Over to the right we could see the cricket ground but it was not as close as it looks here as this shot made use of the zoom facility on the camera.
Fence Line

Eventually under a clear blue sky the fence running along Shipley Lane came into view.
Shipley Lane

The path brought us out onto Shipley Lane right at the corner of Osborne's Pond.
Nesting Swan

And at that corner a swan was sitting on a nest among the reeds.
Osborne's Pond

We walked along Shipley Lane to the overflow channel out of Osborne's Pond and then turned left to follow a path at the side of it.
Pondside Path

The Nutbrook Trail runs along this side of the pond but the path we followed was at a lower level between the Trail and the water which periodically gave views across to the feeding area close to where we had started the walk. We made our way out of the Country Park hoping to make more similar trips as the lockdown restrictions ease even further.
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