Shipley Country Park - From Mapperley - Part 01
w/e 30 August 2015
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

This circular walk of some 2.5 miles passes through the parishes of Mapperley and Shipley with the majority of it being within the Country Park.

Old Black Horse

We parked in the middle of Mapperley Village and began the walk near the Old Black Horse, a pub that has stood here for many years and more can be read about it on Elaine Sarson's Mapperley Village website.
Shipley Lane

We left the village by walking down Shipley Lane towards the park.
Mapperley Reservoir

At the reservoir we turned off the lane at the tree on the left to follow the path along the southern side of the water.
Across The Water

Initially there were intermittent views across the water to the other side of the reservoir.
Boundary Path

Then more trees intervened between the water and the path which hugged the boundary fence.
Impressive Tree

Among the trees there were some very impressive specimens.

Eventually the path turns away from the fence and heads northwards to cross a channel via this footbridge at the western end of the reservoir.

Soon after the bridge the path continues along the northern bank of the reservoir back to Shipley Lane but we left it to pick up another track heading north to Bell Lane.
Bell Lane

At Bell Lane we turned to the east and were surprised when a runner suddenly appeared silently from behind us and quickly disappeared into the distance. He can just be seen here further along the lane.
Flat Meadow Farm

As we walked along Bell Lane we passed the entrance to Flat Meadow Farm and continued towards Derby Lodge. We'll pick up the route a little closer to that Lodge at the start of Part 02 and complete the circuit back to Mapperley Village.
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