Shipley Country Park - Osborne's Pond 2012
w/e 14 October 2012
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

When you've been photographing the district for ten years or more, I suppose it's inevitable that some locations crop up over and over again. Shipley Country Park is one such location and Osborne's Pond has been featured several times most recently in February of this year when we started and ended there on a walk "Up and Down" Shipley Hill. But back in January 2003 there was a whole page of wintry images devoted to a clockwise circuit of "Osborne's Pond" so I think I can be forgiven for being drawn back this week as autumn begins to make its presence felt as we once again circumnavigated the pond but this time in an anti-clockwise direction.

Osborne's Pond

We started the circuit near the overflow channel at the north-eastern corner with this view along the whole length of the pond which is roughly oblong in shape.
Northern Paths

There are several parallel routes through the trees along the northern edge of the pond, the highest one to the right in this view forming part of the Nutbrook Trail between Long Eaton and Heanor. To the left it is possible to reach the water's edge at a number of places but on this sunny autumnal afternoon, most of the spots were occupied by anglers.
Feeding Station

From the western end of the pond one such angler was visible just to the left of centre as we looked back towards the overflow channel which is right of centre in this view. This western end is where many of the waterfowl gather knowing it is where they are most likely to be fed. It is here that there is an open expanse right next to the water's edge and the "feeding station" is a popular spot with visitors to Shipley Park.
Christmas Trees

The path along the southern side of Osborne's Pond is much more open than its counterpart on the opposite side with open parkland to the right. Although I was looking mainly for some autumn colour, the evergreen conifers are a constant reminder of winter and particularly of Christmas.
Hint Of Autumn

There are however some enchanting views from the path across the pond and more of a hint of autumn in the changing colours of the leaves on the trees.

Leaving the path to reach one of the vacant angling positions on this side of the pond though, the changing colours were even more noticeable in both the trees and the reflections in the water.
Path's End

And as we reached the end of the southern path, the changing season was obvious.
Lane To Derby Lodge

In our walk earlier this year up and down Shipley Hill we followed the lane from the pond to Derby Lodge but this time we turned left here to return to the overflow channel.

It may be a trick of the light but once again looking along the length of the pond from the "pier" at the eastern end, the trees still seemed predominantly green.
Autumn Mist

As we completed our walk our final view to the southern side as the sun started to sink towards the horizon betrayed just a hint of autumn mist but whatever the season, there are always some delightful scenes around Osborne's Pond. I don't suppose it will be too long before we are back again.

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