Shipley Country Park - A Walk Round Osborne's Pond
w/e 19 January 2003

At The Start Of The Walk

Despite the forecast of rain, Saturday afternoon turned out to be dry and bright and just right for a short walk around Osborne's Pond in Shipley Country Park. Our walk started near to where these evergreens overhang this corner of the pond.
Wooden Jetty

We followed the fence along Shipley Lane, passing the old wooden jetty and as we turned to walk along the southern edge of the pond, a glance back gave us this view.
The Whole Length

The path we followed eventually reached the western extremity from where we could see the whole length of Osborne's.
Return Path

There are several paths at different levels on the northern shore along which we could return. This lowest one close to the water's edge also gives access to many fishing platforms.
Back At The Start 

We soon reached our starting point again where the water was now graced by a couple of stately swans.
Setting Sun

Before we ended our walk, there was still time for one last look across the pond towards the setting sun.

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