Elvaston - The Country Park
w/e 14 June 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490
An Elvaston Wander

Having walked along the north east side of the lake and crossed the bridge where we saw the herons, we continued along the path by some rhododendron bushes to walk along the south west side of the lake.


We've often been to Wollaton Park in the hope of seeing the rhododendrons flowering but never seem to time it right so to be at Elvaston while they were in full bloom was a bonus we hadn't expected.

Rock Arch

There are a number of rock features in the park and this rock arch by the side of the path framed a lovely view across the lake.

Turning away from the lake we crossed the terraced lawns to the gate into the Italian Garden.
Italian Garden

We walked through the garden and then turned at the top of a flight of steps to look back over the trimmed bushes. Note also the Elvaston Castle building at the top left of the picture.
Moorish Temple

I had often seen photos of the Moorish Temple at Elvaston but never actually viewed it in person. It was built as a summer house for the fourth Earl of Harrington around 1846 and now all these years later, armed with a site map, we actually found our way through the trees to see it in its secluded spot.

We made our way back towards the Castle passing some impressive topiary on the way, thinking "That would make a good jigsaw" as I took this photo. So here's a link to one.
Elvaston Castle

We walked down a narrow path between the wall of the St Bartholomew's Churchyard and a hedge bordering the Parterre Garden and turned right to pass in front of the main building.
Parterre Garden

Passing the Parterre Garden we continued in front of the building and carried on along the path heading for the Walled Garden. We've visited the walled Garden several times in the past and found it closed and that was the case again, a notice on the gate informing that it was due to staff shortages.
Cedar of Lebanon

So as we headed back to the car park we crossed East Avenue, a long stretch of grass between the trees and turned by the magnificent Cedar of Lebanon as we followed a path back to the lake.
Boat House

Crossing another footbridge over the water and with one final look across the lake to the Boat House we concluded our wander around the park and made our way back to the car.
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