Elvaston - The Country Park
w/e 07 June 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490
An Elvaston Wander

With the coronavirus restrictions in force we hadn't, apart from a trip to a Garden Centre when they reopened a couple of weeks ago, been far from home for about three months. With the lockdown being eased a little more and parks being open we decided on a change of scenery and went for a gentle wander at Elvaston.

Country Park

When we pulled onto the car park we found there were already quite a number of vehicles there and when we left there were even more but in the large area covered by Elvaston Castle Country Park, all the visitors respected social distancing and there was plenty of room for everyone.
Picnic Table

The children's play area by the car park was closed and to play snakes and ladders or chess on the nearby picnic tables we would would have needed to have taken the appropriate pieces with us.

On the way to Elvaston my wife had commented that it had been ages since we had been anywhere for a coffee so when we found that a kiosk on the car park was open we thought it would be rude to ignore it. The picnic tables were the ideal place to sit and drink the coffee but we were glad that the crocodile was only a carved log.
Path To Lake

We started our wander by following the path to the lake.

On reaching the lake we turned right to walk along the north east side.

Elvaston Castle

And this of course affords a good view across the lake of Elvaston Castle.
Canada Geese

It's been a good years for Canada Geese offspring - there were at least a dozen goslings here and more elsewhere.

We continued to the head of the lake where a left turn took us onto a bridge over the water where the lake narrowed.

On the north side of the bridge we spotted three herons, one on the tree branch, another where the branch entered the water and a third further left near the water's edge.

We carried on from the bridge between the rhododendron bushes and along the other side of the lake.

Continued in Part 02

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