Attenborough - Flora and Fauna
w/e 11 June 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Attenborough NR

If this selection of images were in the style of the cinema and movie world, they would probably be called "Attenborough Reloaded" or "Attenborough - The Sequel" as they were all captured on the same route as the walk we enjoyed in May 2016 when the Nature Reserve celebrated its 50th anniversary. (link) This time we took a closer look at some of the plants and animals as well as the landscape views.

First up there was a probably too friendly pheasant who seemed to know we had a bag of bird food.

Reflecting on her friend in the water this pony is nothing to do with the Nature Reserve or the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. A notice pinned to a fence shows that she is visited twice daily by her owner and is fed a special mix. The notice also says the pony is very old and is headed "PLEASE DO NOT FEED".
Queen Anne's Lace

Regarded as a weed by gardeners this Queen Anne's Lace or Wild Carrot as it is also known doesn't look out of place in the Nature Reserve.
Panoramic View

There are several hides and screens on the site and this one not only enables observation of the swans and other birds but also frames a very pleasant panoramic view.
Bee On Brambles

Brambles are currently flowering and bees are hard at work flitting from flower to flower.
Feeding The Birds

Waterfowl of all varieties know that if they assemble near the Visitor Centre, someone is likely to feed them.
Egyptian Geese

We spotted a number of Egyptian Geese near the Visitor Centre including a family beneath the ramp leading up to the entrance.
Yellow Flags

As well as the birds, bees, other insects and animals, there is a large amount of flora too and these yellow irises or flags were particularly eye catching by a tranquil pool.

St Mary's Church

In the same pool the still water caught an almost perfect reflection of St Mary's Church. OK it's neither flora nor fauna but it was too nice a shot to pass without at least one photo.

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