Attenborough - At Fifty Part 01
w/e 08 May 2016
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

On April 30th the Nature Reserve at Attenborough celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of its opening by Sir David Attenborough in 1966. Over that half century the site has matured to become an award winning facility managed by the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. I last visited the site in September 2015 on a cold, grey, wet and dull day during the Autumn Footprints Walking Festival so under completely different conditions we enjoyed a very pleasant hour wandering around just a small part of the Reserve in early May.

Main Path

The Reserve lies on the flood plain between Attenborough Village and the River Trent and was originally formed on the gravel extraction works that created a number of small islands. Many of these islands are now linked by footpaths and bridges. We entered the site from the village and crossed over one of the bridges to walk along the route which is called Main Path.
Tween Pond

To the right of Main Path there is a glimpse of Tween Pond so named I assume, because it lies between and is surrounded by Main, Clifton, Conneries and Church Ponds.
Main Pond

Main Pond lies to the left of Main Path where we spotted a couple of great crested grebes and a swan as well as many other birds.
Clifton Pond

Just before reaching the river, we turned off Main Path to the right onto Wet Marsh Path which runs between Clifton Pond (above) and Tween Pond.
Wet Marsh Path

Wet Marsh Path is lined with trees and is just like walking down a leafy lane although the water is close on both sides.
Viewing Place

There are several structures like this where visitors can stop and peer through the missing planks to watch the bird life.
Bird Activity

Some of the bird life could be seen across Tween Pond where there appeared to be a lot of activity.


And a lot of that activity was centred on the heronry seen here in a zoomed shot across the pond.

We continued along Wet Marsh Path passing one of many information boards on the reserve, this one giving details about Reed Beds of which there are many in Clifton Pond.
Memorial Hide

We made our way to the Keith Corbett Memorial Hide and climbed the steps for a high level view over the reserve and it's from there that we'll continue our look at the reserve in Part 02.

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