Walking For Health
Shipley Linear - Part 02
w/e 16 January 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Picking up this Walking For Health walk on Heanor Road opposite Church Street the route continues through Shipley Wood before returning to the Ilkeston to Heanor road on Hassock Lane North.

Church Street

Having entered the wood we continued along the lane through the trees. Apparently this is a continuation of Church Street from Heanor Road and is also known as Church Street.
Woodland Path

Several paths lead from the lane on both sides through the trees and in a few weeks time the ground will be covered with bluebells.

After about a quarter of a mile the lane veers off to the right and is a private road to residences a little further on but a footpath carries on beyond the gate towards the former American Adventure Theme Park.
Young Trees

The path continues through Shipley Wood for another quarter of a mile but here the trees are not as mature as the first quarter.
Building Site

At the end of the wood a right turn leads along what was the main road in front of the Theme Park and at the moment it resembles a building site, which in fact it is.
Shipley Lakeside

The former Theme Park is now called Shipley Lakeside and luxury three, four and five bedroom houses are being built. Luxury houses they may be but the Pete Seeger song "Little Boxes" from the 1960s came to mind!
Shipley Hill

Part of the site is fenced off but is ready for further development and the whole site is overlooked by Shipley Hill.


Long before the American Adventure was built this was the site of Shipley Woodside Colliery and the Memorial Headstocks that were erected a few years ago still stand although nature appears to be making inroads into the land on which they stand.

Memorial in September 2003

This is a similar view as seen at the opening of the memorial in September 2003.
Pit Lane

The access road, Pit Lane, to the site is being improved but the pavements still need some work.
Hassock Lane North

Pit Lane leads to Hassock Lane North and once we had crossed to the other side, we only had to wait a few minutes before a bus arrived to take us back into Ilkeston.
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