Walking For Health
Kirk Hallam Linear
w/e 30 August 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Park, New Lawn Rd, Town Hall, Bus Stop

This is a three stage walk starting like a majority of the Monday Strollers' Walking For Health routes at the Victoria Leisure Centre in Ilkeston. The first stage is just a half mile walk through Victoria Park, along New Lawn Road and up past the Town Hall car park to Wharncliffe Road to wait for a bus to Kirk Hallam to complete the second stage.

Nutbrook Trail Access

The third stage begins after alighting the bus on Godfrey Drive and returning a little way along Ladywood to access the Nutbrook Trail for a walk back of about two miles to the Leisure Centre.
Steps Down

There is an access to the Trail on the other side of Ladywood Road down a sloping path but from this side, it's a flight of steps that leads down to it.

A signpost at the foot of the steps indicates the way north to Shipley Park and Heanor and south to Long Eaton but I think most users of the path already know that.

Beauty Spot

The stretch of water at the side of the Trail has an interesting history and is fondly remembered as a boating lake and carnival site but it is still easy to see why it is know as the Beauty Spot.

When I followed the route on Saturday morning it was being well used by numerous ruunners, walkers, many with dogs, and cyclists. Nearly everyone I passed spoke even if it was only "Good morning" or "thank you" for keeping that social distance that is so important these days.

This gentleman however did rein in his mount and we chatted for a few minutes before we continued on our different ways. There is another path opposite the sign on the left that leads up past the former Oakwell Brickworks to Derby Road.

Continuing on the Nutbrook Trail, a former railway line, the path passes under an old bridge with another carrying Derby Road visible through the central arch.
Near Swan Lake

There is an access flight of steps at the Derby Road Bridge but a little way beyond that the Nutbrook Trail crosses a bridge over another footpath just shy of the entrance on the left to Swan Lake.
Where Paths Meet

From the bridge over the other path the Nutbrook Trail can be seen coming down from the Swan Lake entrance to continue its way northwards. Another runner was just about to join the Trail from the other path and a cyclist had already negotiated the zig-zag down and can be seen further along the Trail.
Golf Course

I soon followed both of them but left the Trail to follow the posts marking the path across the Pewit Golf Course.

Golf Course, West End Dr, Ling George Ave, Bristol Rd.

After leaving the golf course a path along the Manners Link would lead back to the Leisure Centre but this Monday Strollers' route continues along West End Drive, King George Avenue passing the Ilkeston Ormiston Academy (ex Grammar School) to Bristol Road where there is a choice of route either straight along the road or back through the park.

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