West Hallam Walk No. 2 - Part 01
w/e 21 April 2013
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490
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All three of the Family Walks at West Hallam begin at the Dales shopping area in the village centre and the leaflet describing the route includes a number of questions aimed mainly at younger members of the family. Nominally a two mile walk, our route added approximately another half mile to that for reasons which will be made apparent in Part 02.

Old School

Walk No. 2 leaves the shopping area and passes to the left of the Old School in School Square. The first question asks when the school was built and the answer can be found in the stonework above the door.

After passing the school we crossed Hall Court and continued on the track down the hill which is also the site of the second question. This is a little more difficult than the first as it asks what type of trees line the path. It is probably easier to answer that one when the leaves appear.
The Grange

When the path levels out the buildings on the left are collectively known as The Grange with the Cat and Fiddle windmill showing through the trees on the hills beyond.

The entrance to The Grange is marked by a number of gates in some substantial wooden fencing and the gate in the middle of the image above also bears a name plaque stating "Grange Farm".
Relative Shelter

We continued for about another 300 yards along the track from The Grange but what these images don't show is the strength of the wind whilst we were walking. Even in the relative shelter in this part of the walk, the wind was really strong and it was quite a battle at times to make progress - two steps forward, one step back and it was to get even stronger later in the walk when we reached the open fields!
Cat and Fiddle Lane

At the end of the track we met and crossed Cat and Fiddle Lane to continue along Station Road ahead towards Stanley Village.
Station House

The third question in the leaflet concerns the solitary building standing over to the right. This is Station House and was originally the West Hallam stop on the LNER railway line. The question asks for the names of the towns that the line ran between.
Felix Garage

We continued along Station Road passing what the leaflet refers to as the Felix Bus Garage on the right. Recently however the Felix Company has been acquired and swallowed up by Trent Barton and I don't think buses are still garaged here anymore.
Distant Mill

Opposite the garage the leaflet advises a glance to the left to see "Dale Windmill" in the distance. More properly called the Cat and Fiddle Windmill it is just visible in this image right in the centre on the skyline but the white sails of the mill are almost indistinguishable from the white cloud behind.
Stanley Village

We continued along the road to enter Stanley Village and walked past the open green space at Hurst Drive on the right and a little further on the Village Shop on the left to reach a sharp left hand corner in the road. There we turned right and that is where we'll start the return walk to West Hallam in Part 02.
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The answers to the questions will be revealed at the end of Part 02 but if you can't wait that long they are contained in the leaflet which can be downloaded from the Family Walks Index page.

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