Bramcote Hills/Nottingham Canal Circular - Part 01
w/e 04 September 2011
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

This circular walk of about three miles with an optional extension into Trowell Village begins and ends in Bramcote Hills Park and the route was published some time ago by Broxtowe Borough Council in a booklet titled "6 of the Best Walks in Broxtowe Borough". Since then the same walk but with revised and updated directions has appeared online on the Council's website so armed with both sets of directions we set off on a warm sunny afternoon at the beginning of September.

Hemlock Stone

Leaving the car park we crossed Coventry Lane to enter the open space opposite and climbed the hill to the Hemlock Stone, a sandstone outcrop that has attracted many myths and legends.
Bramcote Hills Park

Passing behind the stone we looked back across Coventry Lane to the Walled Garden in Bramcote Hills Park where the renowned sculpture "The Refugee" by Naomi Blake, a survivor of Auschwitz, is situated in the Memorial Garden.
Slight Incline

A number of paths lead from behind the Hemlock Stone to the top of Stapleford Hill but as we had done this previously we opted for the one that leads around the hill. It begins with a slight incline but soon levels off.

As the path continues behind the houses on Mayfield Drive along the edge of the wooded hill, it begins to descend but there are views to be seen along the Erewash Valley between the trees.

At the edge of the wood, we crossed a wooden footbridge into a field where pink, purple and yellow wildflowers enlivened the green of the grass.
Field Path

The path leads around the field to a stile in the hedgerow but a significant gap in the hedge meant that we could easily pass without actually climbing over the stile.

Once past the stile we ignored the "Short Cut" signpost and climbed this flight of steps turning left at the top.
Pit Lane Recreation Ground

We found ourselves in a large landscaped area that resembled a golf course but further on football pitches were marked out on an area that has been levelled. This was the site of the former Trowell Moor Colliery which was active between 1881 and 1928. There were still signs of the colliery as late as the 1960s and 70s (and possibly later too) but the whole area has now been landscaped to create the Pit Lane Recreation Ground.
Railway Bridge

The path continues through the Recreation Ground with the main railway line from Nottingham to the Erewash Valley on the right and a bridge across the railway soon came into view. The next part of this walk took us back to Coventry Lane along the Nottingham Canal and the third part returned us to Bramcote Hills Park but the bridge marks the end of this first section.
Not This Way!

Each section is roughly about a mile in length and the path here on the right leads over the railway bridge to the Nottingham Canal and marks the start of the second mile. Once over the bridge we turned right along the canal but it is from there that the walk can be extended by turning left to Trowell. Again there are already pages on this site showing images from a previous walk along the Nottingham Canal and another showing Trowell Village so we opted for the shorter route on this occasion. The path ahead though on the south side of the railway bridge continues to the car park at the end of Pit Lane which is a convenient point of vehicular access to the Recreation Ground - but that's for another time.
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