Bramcote - Country and Town
w/e 31 August 2003

A shortened version of Broxtowe Borough Council's "Bramcote Village" walk

Golden Track

The footpath we were following eventually reaches a track where a right turn leads us through two fields still golden at this time of year as they await the harvest. For the duration of our walk the sky was cloud covered, the air was humid and the temperature very warm but later in the day the cloud cleared and we were left with blue skies. We'll try and time our walk better next time.
Highways and Byways

After negotiating a stile in the corner of the second field, our route crossed a bridge over the A52, one of the main arterial routes into Nottingham. The contrast between this main road and the lane we walked down after crossing the bridge could hardly be greater.
Baulk Lane

The lane eventually widens and returns to a residential area. It is called Baulk Lane and a right turn at the end takes us towards the Sherwin Arms roundabout and the older part of the village again.

To return to our starting point we must now cross the busy A52. A short walk up the incline on the far side and a right turn at the building with the tower on the corner (inset) brings us back to Church Street.
 Memorial Hall

 The Bramcote Memorial Hall stands about half way along.
St Michael's

And our walk ends outside the church of St Michael and All Angels. The church was consecrated in 1861 after being built on a site donated by John Sherwin Gregory when the original village church, probably called St Luke's, on the site of the "Sunken Church" proved to be too small.
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