Kirk Hallam - Lakeside Craft Festival
w/e 07 August 2022
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

Kirk Hall Lake & meadows

We have often visited the Lakeside Festival at Kirk Hallam in recent years but this year it has been re-branded as the Lakeside Craft Festival. Whether it was the re-branding or the after effect of the pandemic or even some other factors, our impression this time was that there were far fewer stalls than usual and it did not appear to be as well attended.

Climbing Tower

A regular feature of the Festival is the climbing tower which was positioned on the car park and was once again popular, especially with the youngsters.

Rocks and Frocks

The soundtrack to our visit was provided by the Rocks and Frocks Band with a selection of songs (well known to people of our vintage) from the 1950s and 60s that could be heard all around the lake and the surrounding area too.

The majority of the stalls were positioned along the western edge of the lake.
Hand Painted Stones

One of the stalls featured a large collection of hand painted stones.
Cuddly Toys

Another had a large selection of cuddly toys of all shapes and sizes.

Entertainment for the children was also provided by a Hook-A-Duck game.
All My Sins

"All My Sins" Cakes and Bakes had a tempting display of cupcakes for sale.
Bouncy Castle

There was more entertainment for children provided by a Bouncy Castle.
History Society Books

There were only a couple of stalls at the "back" of the lake, i.e. the side furthest from Godfrey Drive, but as we completed the circuit around its perimeter, we passed the Local History Society stall where there were many of the publications available to be purchased.
Face Painting

Nearby we could have had our faces painted as we easily exceeded the age restriction - but we decided against it. Maybe next time!

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