West Hallam - One Small Step
w/e 21 July 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

It should come as no surprise that in the week when the 50th anniversary of the moon landing in 1969 was celebrated that the annual West Hallam Festival and Scarecrow Trail should feature in both the well dressings displays and the various scarecrows around the village.

One Small Step

The main well dressing by Pauline Fearn in front of the Village Hall depicted the moon landing with the words "One Small Step" at the top of the panel and "1969-2019" at the bottom.
Space Adventure

A smaller panel nearby was by the Village Pre-School and was titled "Space Adventure". The adjacent description stated that the children had great fun using small stones to create shimmering stars in a black sky. Each well dressing also had a charity collecting box and this one was in aid of CROAK (Carers and Relatives of Autistic Kids),
Neil Armstrong

Scarecrow HeadquartersNeil ArmstrawIt was only to be expected that at least would scarecrow would be of an astronaut and this depiction of Neil Armstrong above was on St Wilfrid's Road. Another one stood at Scarecrow Headquarters (left) in The Village and was named Neil Armstraw (right) with the words on the adjoining description saying "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for a scarecrow.
Rocket Man

Some lateral thinking had been applied to another scarecrow in The Village to mark the anniversary with this one was named "Rocket Man", a portrayal of Elton John and a reference to his 1972 recording and also the 2019 film of the same name.
Save The Planet

Although not a direct reference to the moon landing, the well dressing in School Square by the Women, Wine and Words Book Group title "Save The Planet" did include an image of the earth as it might appear from space.
Scarecrow Headquarters

It was not all about moon landings though and a traditional scarecrow was stationed in the garden at Scarecrow Headquarters.
Mr Tomato & Mrs Pepper

Imaginative use of tomato and pepper plants made for an interesting vacation of traditional scarecrows with Mr Tomato and Mrs Pepper sitting outside the Estate Agent's shop in The Village.
Miss July

Back at the Village Hall plants were also prominent with strategically placed sunflowers on "Miss July" as the 20th anniversary of the original release of the Women's Institute calendar was commemorated which led to the subsequent Calendar Girls film and musical.
Shark Family

The Women's Institute organisation provides women with the chance to build new skills although I doubt that making scarecrow figures based on the annoyingly repetitive "Baby Shark" song is one of them. This family of characters based on that song though are another stop on the Scarecrow Trail that leads far and wide throughout the village.
Family Tree

Another family of scarecrows adorned this display which is another on the Scarecrow Trail and is appropriately name "Family Tree" but there is also a nod towards space exploration with a star on the top.

There are of course many more well dressings and scarecrows all around the village but the Festival is now over for this year so the best advice I can give if you want to see more, is come back next July.

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