Crich (with Fritchley) - Well Dressing Festival 2017
w/e 16 July 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Crich Market Place

We are now well (excuse the pun) into the Well Dressing season and the centre of Crich on Saturday 8th July was testament to another one where four works of the art were on display.
Water Troughs

The four panels had been erected above the troughs that contain water for animals but not for human consumption in the Market Place.

Legends and Saints

The pictures made by pressing flower petals, leaves and other natural materials into clay had each been prepared by a different group or organisation namely, the 1st Crich Scouts, Glebe Day Care, Crich Pre-School and the Church of England Infant School. Legends and Saints was the theme for the Festival and all of the eleven dressings scattered around the village contained the number "3" in the design - and most were extremely difficult to find.
Bowns Hill

We left the Market Place and set off up Bowns Hill towards the Tramway Museum.
St Mary's Church

Our first port of call was St Mary's Church where a Well Dressing service to bless all the wells was held.
Two Panels

Two more panels were inside the church which, after the service, were both moved to other locations. One went to stand at the gates of the church and the other to Ram Furniture on Carr Lane in the village. The Saint depicted here is Mother Teresa and the legend, the Derby Ram.
Tramway Village

Our next stop was at the National Tramway Museum which has its home in a former quarry at Crich overlooked by Crich Stand, The Sherwood Foresters' War Memorial. The Well Dressing here featured the Green Man, the legendary keeper of the woods.
Cliff Inn

Less than 200 yards down the road from the museum is the Cliff Inn and although the panel by the door is not at a well it is adjacent to a watering hole of sorts.
Saint Fiacre

The panel itself features the patron saint of gardeners, cab drivers and florists, Saint Fiacre and was prepared by the local Horticultural Society.
Crich Carr

The ninth of the eleven Well Dressings is a mile from the Cliff Inn along Carr Lane to an area known as Crich Carr which is near Whatstandwell. Standing at the Church of England Primary School the picture shows the Mermaid Pool on Kinder Scout which local legend says is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by an underground tunnel.

The final two panels in the Festival are just over a mile to the south of our starting point at the Market Place and are actually in the neighbouring village of Fritchley. These are by the Church of England School and Fritchley Pensioners and both depict saints, Francis on the left and Christopher on the right.

Congregational Chapel

The panels are positioned either side of the door of Fritchley Congregational Chapel in the centre of the village. Although the Festival at Crich and Fritchley is now over, there are still Well Dressings to be seen at various places in the county until September. See the Well Dressing website for more details.

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