Kirk Hallam - Lakeside Festival 2017
w/e 09 July 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Lakeside Festival

Sunday July 2nd was the date of this year's Lakeside Festival at Kirk Hallam and all the usual exhibitors, charities, community groups and entertainers were there on a lovely warm afternoon. Here are just a few images from the event.
Godfrey Drive Side

As the name suggests the Festival is held all around the lake off Godfrey Drive.
Breaston Highlanders

Entertainment was provided all afternoon and included a magician, the Derby Serenaders Band and the Breaston Highlanders (above) who included some traditional Scottish dancing.
Cats & Dogs

Animal charities were well represented ranging from the Cats Protection League and Guide Dogs for the Blind to the Mid Derbyshire Badger Group and Beech Tree Bunnies, the rabbit and guinea pig rescue centre.
Far Side

Stalls and gazebos had been erected all around the lake - this was the far side furthest from Godfrey Drive where many of the lake's residents gathered in the hope of a tit bit or two.
More Gazebos

Aided by the fine weather, the attendance was really good and many of those there completed the circuit around the lake passing more gazebos on the way.
Nesting Birds

Nesting birds were unperturbed by the sudden influx of people.
Parrots and Owl

The usual bird life on the lake was supplemented by some more exotic feathered friends that included a number of parrots and owls.

Among the local groups present that included the History Society and the Ilkeston Life community newspaper was the Ilkeston Astronomical Society (IDAS) whose members had brought along an impressive collection of telescopes.
The Lake

All in all the event had a carnival atmosphere but the peace and tranquillity of the lake soon returned after the stalls and gazebos were removed - until next year of course.

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