West Hallam - The Scarecrow Trail 2016
w/e 24 July 2016
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Running to coincide with the West Hallam Well Dressing Festival, the annual Scarecrow Trail was staged for the eighth time this year with villagers designing and displaying scarecrows right across the parish. Official Trail leaflets were on sale at £1.00 each and if returned noting the names of each exhibit were in line for a chance to win a prize. Last year the Trail raised over £400 for West Hallam charities. There were about 70 scarecrow locations in total this year and I managed to photograph most of them although one listed location did not have a scarecrow on display when we visited and I know for a fact I missed at least one other. The leaflet also said that there may be other scarecrows that were not listed and it was quite possible to come across these too. I spotted a couple of these extra scarecrows but didn't enter the prize draw. It was fun just searching them out and below is a selection of the ones we did see.


At Scarecrow Headquarters in the centre of the old village where the leaflets were on sale, there were actually six scarecrows and four of them are in the image above. I doubt that the Radio Derby presenters have ever been seen like this before. From left to right they represent Andy Potter, Andy Twigge and Sally Pepper with Ian Skye in the shadows behind who had, according to a notice pinned to his torso, lost his head due to nesting birds!

Prizes are awarded for the best scarecrows which could be in two categories - "Traditional" or "Open" and LOL on the High Lane looks like an open category entry.

The designers of the Suffragette scarecrows outside the Village Hall took their inspiration from the 150th anniversary of the 1866 petition calling for votes for women. It was quite apt that during the week of the Well Dressing and Scarecrow Trail Festival that Theresa May took over from David Cameron as Prime Minister.

2016 is also the anniversary of the author Roald Dahl's birth one hundred years ago and this large scarecrow of the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) paid homage to that anniversary.
Mr McGregor

Beatrix Potter was born fifty years before Roald Dahl and some of her characters to mark the 150th anniversary of her birth were on display in Mr McGregor's garden.
Bob The Builder

Not all the scarecrows celebrated anniversaries but I was surprised to learn that Bob The Builder has been around since the late 1990s.

Wally is another character that dates back a little further than Bob - to 1987 in fact. Wally or Waldo as he is known in America is usually pictured with lots of other people, the objective being to find "Where's Wally" but in the absence of other scarecrows, he could be found here hiding in the shrubbery.
Jack Lumber

An interesting use of natural materials made Jack Lumber easier to find in the adjacent garden to Wally.

The villagers in West Hallam showed no lack of imagination when making their scarecrows and it was another fictional character that was the inspiration for this offering to the festival, Little Orphan Annie and her dog Sandy.
Old Lady

Nursery rhymes and novelty songs too also provided ideas for designs and this depiction of "There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly" is just one example.

The map below shows the locations of all the scarecrows I photographed (including those above) in a couple of visits during the week of the Trail. Zoom in, pan around and select each location to see the photo. Clicking on the photo will open up a larger version - press "Esc" to return. The blue square symbol means there are two locations in the same photo, the red diamond shows a previous winner and the yellow star indicates Scarecrow Headquarters where there are four photos. For more information about the Scarecrow Trail visit
The West Hallam Scarecrow Trail website.

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