Ilkeston - Human Nature at Kirk Hallam
w/e 10 July 2016
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490


One definition of "human nature" is "the unique elements that form a basic part of human life and distinguish it from other animal life" but the annual Festival at Kirk Hallam Lake brings humans and nature together for one afternoon and shows animal and human life in close harmony.

Lakeside Festival

I don't know how they managed it but the Friends of Kirk Hallam Lake managed to pick a day for the Festival when the weather was perfect - no mean feat when several other events have been cancelled recently due to wet weather. The good weather also encouraged many people to turn up on Sunday afternoon.

The lake was surrounded by numerous gazebos and green T-shirts worn by the Friends were much in evidence.
Derby Serenaders

Musical entertainment was provided by the Derby Serenaders (pictured) and also the Breaston Highlanders.
Beech Tree Bunnies

Many of the gazebos and stalls were occupied by organisations and charities raising funds to help animals, wildlife and the natural world. Beech Tree Bunnies is a Rabbit and Guinea Pig Rescue Centre run by volunteers near Market Harborough in Leicestershire.
Eastern Side

A little further along the path around the lake and under one of the gazebos with a green top was the Butterfly Conservation charity and even further round the lake we were invited to sign a petition for the protection of hedgehogs.
View to Godfrey Dr

Long before the Kirk Hallam estate was built and even before the lake existed, the Nutbrook Canal ran along what is now the northern side of the lake and from the remains of the wall of a former lock there is a pleasant view past a small island in the lake to the gazebos on the southern side of the lake and Godfrey Drive beyond.
Lock Wall

The path continues around the lake but looking back the former lock wall can be seen to the left of the couple walking away. There is much wildlife on the lake and this duck was keeping a watchful eye on its young offspring.
Canada Geese

In the middle of the lake there was a large flock of birds which were mainly Canada Geese.
Fun Fair

As we circled the lake we came to the western side where among the other stalls and entertainments was a small fun fair with a roundabout, hook a duck and a bouncy castle among other amusements.
Walking Ducks

Those amusements and entertainments included a shooting gallery, a climbing wall, pony rides, birds of prey, cottage garden plants and exhibits by the Ilkeston and District Local History Society, Erewash Borough and Derbyshire County Councils and many more mainly with the emphasis on wildlife. Refreshments, ice cream, chutneys, meat products, cakes, and drinks were also available all of which could have featured in a photograph or two. Even though they were walking I couldn't resist this final shot though which reminded me so much of Hilda Ogden's famous flying ducks from the TV soap Coronation Street. I had to smile - but that's just another example of human nature.

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