Kirk Hallam - Lakeside Festival 2015
w/e 12 July 2015
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Swans & Cygnets

As we pulled up in the car at Kirk Hallam last Sunday afternoon (July 5th) we were greeted with the sight of a line of swans and cygnets waddling along the pavement.

Family Outing

It seems like us, the family outing was heading for the grass and the lake off Godfrey Drive where a large number of people had gathered.
Lakeside Festival

The reason for the gathering was the Friends of Kirk Hallam Lake and Meadows' Lakeside Festival where a display showing the work of the Friends around the site showed what a valuable contribution they make to the area.
Derby Serenaders

Opposite the Friends' display the Derby Serenaders donned some rather fetching headgear for a medley of songs that included Old MacDonald among others. This image was taken after we had walked all the way around the lake but we had started by walking along the path by the western side of the lake.
Stalls & Amusements

There we found a large selection of stalls and amusements for the entertainment of the crowds and the fine weather meant that the people had once again turned out in force to support the event.
Glass Painting

Some of the stalls offered a hands-on experience like this one where you were invited to have a go at glass painting which produced some quite interesting results.
Northern Side

Around the back of the lake, the northern side, the stalls were fewer but nonetheless interesting. It was here that we found the Ilkeston and District Astronomical Society with a selection of telescopes and also the Breaston Highlanders who, like the Derby Serenaders, also performed at the Festival.
Lake View

As we turned down the eastern side of the lake we were fortunate enough to find an empty bench where we sat for a while to soak up the sun, listen to the music and enjoy the views across the water to the stalls on the other side of the lake.
Entertainment For All

Returning to the southern path that runs parallel to Godfrey Drive we found more stalls and entertainment for all ages from books and old photos on the History Society's stall to the council's climbing wall. There were games for youngsters and everyone could get up close and personal with birds of prey.
Face Painting

Face Painting also proved a popular activity.
Win A Minion

And if you could knock a set of cans off the shelf you could win a Minion. Now who could resist that?


So with one last look across the lake (this panoramic view was produced by stitching four images together) we bade farewell to the Lakeside Festival - until the next time.

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