Festivals - In Derby, Ilkeston & Long Eaton
w/e 05 July 2009
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

I recently made a comment about waiting for ages for a carnival then two come along at once but this week carnivals have been replaced by "Festivals" with at least three being held locally.

Derby Guildhall

We begin with that unique Derbyshire tradition, a Well Dressing Festival and this picture comes from the opening ceremony under grey skies by civic dignitaries in front of the Guildhall at Derby.
Shoot For The Moon

Many Derbyshire villages have several wells that are decorated during the summer but here in the county town, there is only one well to be dressed. Although it is traditional for religious themes to be shown as thanksgiving for the water, the theme for Derby's display this year is "Shoot For The Moon".
Ilkeston Festival

This week also saw the start of the two week Ilkeston Festival where local schools, community groups and professional arts organisations came together to present a programme of art related activities and exhibitions. On Tuesday lunchtime the sound of steel drums sounded out across Ilkeston Market Place from in front of the Town Hall to an appreciative audience.
Steel Band

The music was provided by the students of Bennerley Fields School. The school provides day education for pupils with moderate and severe learning difficulties and one of the school's aims for the students is "To develop a sense of pride in themselves, in their school and their community and in their achievements". Following their public performance this week, that's one aim they can mark as "Completed With Distinction".
Bloomsgrove Day Care CentrEnthusiastic GroupThe Ilkeston Festival programme includes activities at venues right across the town including one at the Bloomsgrove Centre (left). The centre that provides day care for learning disabled adults, hosted a project for an enthusiastic group led by Wash Arts, a not-for-profit organisation working in the community to develop and co-ordinate creative and cultural opportunities.

In The Garden

The ongoing project under the title of "In The Garden" includes a number of creative activities and on this open day, the group worked outside but took shelter under a gazebo on one of the hottest days of the year to make a number of decorations that will be hung in the garden.
Recycled Decorations

It's amazing what can be created by recycling some wire coat hangers, plastic carton lids and a few old buttons together with a little imagination but these decorations made by the group members will be an attractive addition to the garden when hung from the trees and allowed to blow in the wind.
St Laurence's, Long Eaton

Our third and final festival for the week opened the following day when the blue skies and sunshine had been replaced by heavy rain. Pictured shortly after the opening this was the view of St Laurence's Church in Long Eaton where their first Flower Festival was being staged.
Church Interior Views

Two years in the planning the festival took the theme of "A Floral Alphabet" and the interior of the church was beautifully decorated throughout with displays representing every letter of the alphabet. Seen above as well as two general views of the interior we have W for Wedding on the left, D for Dance in the centre and R for Rainbow on the right.

Flower Display

Special times in the Christian calendar were also featured in other displays including Christmas, Easter and Pentecost but pride of place must be given to this display representing the patron saint of the church. Saint Laurence was martyred in Rome in 258AD after giving the church's treasures to the poor against the orders of the Emperor Valerian. He was burned on a gridiron and his emblems, a gridiron, a dish of coins and a book that he always carried were incorporated into the flower display. Saint Laurence's Day is August 10th.

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