Jacksdale & Westwood - Part 05 - To Pye Hill
w/e 14 November 2010
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490
Jacksdale & Westwood title panel

Having completed our circular route through the interlinked villages of Westwood and Jacksdale arriving back in the centre of the latter, our final part in this series about the villages takes us in the opposite direction to Westwood and heads towards Ironville and Selston ending at the area called Pye Hill.

Jacksdale Centre

Turning away from the War Memorial we continue along Main Road to its junction with Pye Hill Road and Selston Road. The new Co-Operative building on the right is a recent addition to Jacksdale standing on the site of the old Picture Palace (opened 1912) that later became the Grey Topper nightclub. Before being demolished in 2006 it ended its life as a factory shop and was replaced by this new building which opened in the June of 2007. Whilst obviously serving a useful purpose to the residents of the village, personally I think the architecture of the new building could have been more sympathetic to its surroundings. The small building with the blue shutters on the left of the image above is Jacksdale's NeC@fe offering low cost snacks and IT access.

From the T-junction our route is to the left into Pye Hill Road but we'll reach it by first turning right into Selston Road where we pass Jacksdale Library, one of 61 in the county run by Nottinghamshire County Council and which offers not only books for loan by children and adults but also PCs, free internet and email and a range of information services for the community.
Christian Centre

Turning off Selston Road into Franklin Road leads us to the first of two churches we'll pass in this part, this one being the Jacksdale Christian Centre.
Green Corridor

To reach Pye Hill Road, another left turn off Franklin Street takes us across a pleasant green corridor that has been transformed from the old railway track that ran through the village into a recreational area complete with playground equipment for children.
Pye Hill Road

The leaflet we have been following labels the western side of Pye Hill Road as "Modern Industrial Units" but some of these buildings have been here since at least the 1960s with others probably a little earlier.
Methodist Church

Trinity Methodist Church doorTop RowEven older is the second church in this part which has the words"Trinity Methodist Church" above the door (left). At the time of writing consent has been given allowing a change of use to a residential dwelling and work has already commenced. Nearing the end of our walk we follow a lane northwards to two rows of terraced houses. On the right is Top Row.
New Row

On the left the terrace is called New Row and despite the unmade road, the buildings today look much smarter than when they were in the shadow of Pye Hill Colliery.

Continuing along the lane between the two terraces leads to an area of open countryside criss-crossed by a number of footpaths on the former Smotherfly opencast site. This too was the site of the Pye Hill Colliery and also the Pye Hill Pipe and Brick Works. So a former industrial area is now a place where the peace and quiet of nature can be enjoyed and is perhaps a fitting place to bring this particular Village Trail to a close.
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