Jacksdale & Westwood - Part 03 - Into Westwood ...
w/e 12 September 2010
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490
Jacksdale & Westwood title panel

Once again our visit to the interlinked villages took place on a bright day but the high white cloud resulted in a featureless sky that did nothing to enhance any of the following images. The village boundaries are somewhat indistinct on the ground and sometimes it is difficult to determine whether you are in Jacksdale or Westwood but in this part we shall continue from Church Lane in Jacksdale and will end most definitely in Westwood.

Sports Field

As we return from St Mary's Church down Church Lane to Main Road (seen here in the distance) there is a sports field and play area on the left. A new multi-purpose, non-smoking, non-alcoholic building with kitchen, changing rooms and showers opened in 2005 and is a marked improvement on the facilities from when I officiated as a football referee here in the 1980s.
Dale Club

The aforementioned building is at the rear and part of the Dale Club which was formerly the Jacksdale Miners Welfare. There are still strong links with the former mining communities and the Club is still the venue for an annual Gala Day, an event normally associated with pit towns and villages.
Coal Wagon

Another reminder of the area's industrial past is a coal wagon which is a memorial to Pye Hill Colliery bearing the dates 1874 and 1985 to show the life span of the colliery although these days the wagon carries only plants and flowers rather than coal.
Garden Centre

Since the closure of the pits, other business have come to the fore in the local economy. A little further along Garden Centre EntranceThe Pavilion CafeMain Road a drive (left) leads to a large car park at the Jacksdale Garden Centre (above) and the Pavilion Tearooms (right). Like many other similar businesses a whole range of products are available as well as the usual plants and gardening equipment. These include a section where homage is paid to the mining heritage with a pile of books called "Coal Mines Remembered" by a local author .
The Ranch Store

Our route so far along Main Road has been generally in a south eastern direction but as the road now swings through ninety degrees to head towards the north west, a road sign indicates we are now entering Westwood where one of the first properties is another business. This is the Ranch Store at Oak Tree Farm that supplies all things equestrian plus pet and animal foods.
Yewtree Farm

Across from the Ranch Store on the southern side of the road is another farm where diversification seems to be the order of the day. Yewtree Farm combines the unlikely double of the Westwood Fish Farm with a demolition business.
Palmerston Stree

After passing the farms another left turn into the narrow Palmerston Street will take us along the whole length before returning to the centre of Jacksdale.
Royal Oak

Gate InnWestwood ChurchJust beyond Palmerston Street is the former Gate Inn (left) but this has not only suffered from the decline of the mining industry but also the current recession and is now boarded up, being converted into housing. The area is not without a pub though as at the bottom of Palmerston Street is the ivy clad Royal Oak (above). Across from it a more modern building that houses the Westwood U.R.C. Community Chapel (right) which means we started this part at a church and finished at a chapel. In the next part we will continue up Palmerston Street and head back towards Jacksdale.
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