Horsley - Part 01 - From Pub To School
w/e 26 May 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Click here to open a new window showing a map of the area at streetmap.co.uk

As can be seen from the map Horsley Village consists mainly of one road running west/east with another joining it from the south forming a triangular road junction. It is also served by numerous ancient footpaths linking it to surrounding villages but in this walk through Horsley, apart from one foray into a field, we'll stick to the road network and start at that triangular road junction.

Coach and Horses

Although only small Horsley has all the necessary requisites including a school, village green, village hall, church, even a golf course just outside the village centre and of course the village pub. The pub, the Coach and Horses, stands on Church Street just to the east of the triangular junction with Smalley Mill Road.

Old Barrel Store

Directly opposite the pub is a building which has obviously seen better days but this is marked on maps as The Old Barrel Store so presumably is a former outbuilding belonging to the Coach and Horses.

Our route now will take us along Church Street past the junction known locally as the Traingle, Smalley Mill Road on the left but first there's a structure in the shade of the tree that needs inspection.

This is the first of three fountains that were given to the village in 1864 by the Rev. Sitwell, a relative of the Sitwell family of Smalley's Stainsby Hall fame. The fountains dispensed spring water that was pumped into the village and they were named after daughters of the Sitwell family. This one is called Rosamund.
Church Street

Church Street is lined with mature trees and makes for a pleasant walk to the far end but it is at the wooden post on the right that we leave the main road to make that foray into the fields.

The narrow footpath seen here on the left leads up between the houses and through a squeeze stile into the field. A right turn once there will take you across the fields to neighbouring Horsley Woodhouse.
The Dovecote

It is to the left however under the electricity lines that another path leads to the end of The Dovecote where the map I referred to when researching Horsley show a "War Memorial".

After passing through the kissing gate and onto The Dovecote there is no sign of such a memorial but there is a bench in the shade of a tree.

In the grass at the foot of the tree is a small plaque which shows that "This tree was planted by Horsley and Coxbench W.I. in 2005 to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Women's Institute movement." So there is a memorial, just not a war memorial as such.

At the far end of The Dovecote and on the corner with Church Street is the village school. This is the Horsley Church of England Primary School which was established here in November 1878.

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