A Sentimental Journey - No. 02
Ilkeston -
w/e 9 September 2007
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Gonna take a Sentimental Journey, Gonna set my heart at ease.
Gonna make a Sentimental Journey, to renew old memories.

A few weeks ago I was forced to seek refuge in a bus shelter when the heavens opened and I was caught in a storm. The pictured I posted on the Home Page taken from the shelter resulted in a number of emails and instigated the start of this occasional series. One such email came from former Ilkeston resident Bob Martin whose "journey" does not cover a great distance but takes a long trip down "Memory Lane" as he recalls some thoughts of the area around the bus shelter on Park Road from the time of his residency nearby.

Sun Wah

The bus shelter now stands outside the Chinese Take-Away, the Sun Wah which was formerly the fish and chip shop but Bob remembers when the shelter was an open concrete structure further to the left and nearer to the top of Green Lane.
Larklands Hotel

Before the days of twenty four hour drinking licences, the chip shop used to do a roaring trade at closing time and attracted much trade from the pub next door. The Larklands Hotel was built around 1955.
The Concorde

Drinkers also frequented the Larklands Club just a few steps away on Green Lane which later became the Concorde. The inn sign features a picture of the world famous supersonic aircraft with the dipping nose but with its demise I wonder whether another change of name will be forthcoming in the not too distant future.
Larklands Mission

Larklands Mission and Park RoadOn the opposite side of Park Road across from the former chip shop was the Larklands Mission. Bob recalls Wednesday nights there when film shows were run by a man named Tom. Bob writes, "It was mayhem in there, sometimes the projector would get knocked by the kids running round, sending the picture flying across the walls and ceiling!" Well they say what goes around comes around and the Mission, after a period as a pottery warehouse, is now used as a day nursery for young children and while it may not be mayhem, I'm sure they have a lot of fun running around inside.
Millfield Road

Bob also remembers rain storms from his time here and recalls that a manhole cover at the end of Millfield Road at its junction with Park Road would pop up under the pressure of the water. There are now two manhole covers near the end of Millfield Road but it looks as though neither of them has been lifted for a long time.
Green Lane

Green Lane/Park Road JunctionFlood water would (and still does) run down the hill like a river on the pub/chip shop side of Park Road, continue into Green Lane opposite the Post Office (left), pass in front of the Concorde before running into St John's Road seen here on the left in the picture above. And here, looking back up Green Lane is where Bob's sentimental journey must come to an end.

Cue song:-

Never thought my heart could be so yearny. Why did I decide to roam?
Gotta take that Sentimental Journey, Sentimental Journey home.

If you have a sentimental journey of your own that you would like featured, email a few details to me.

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