Wollaton Park - .... To The Admiral Rodney
w/e 30 January 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Having reached the lake we followed the path between the water and the ha-ha wall.

Wollaton Lake

To the left we could see distant birds on the lake and what at first appeared to be a post sticking up out of the water turned out to be a inverted swan.
Over The Ha-ha

To the right and looking across the ha-ha and drain, the Hall stood out on the skyline with the stable block which we would eventually reach could be seen to the left and a little lower.
Feeding The Birds

As we reached the end of the lake, someone was feeding the birds and a gentleman with a long lens on his camera was taking photos. It looked to be quite a heavy piece of equipment - I just made do with my Kodak DX6490!
Canada Geese

We dropped some corn at the corner of the lake and immediately the area was invaded by a gaggle of Canada Geese.

While we stood watching the geese feed a number of squirrels were scampering around and looking for their own source of nourishment.
Hall & Stable Block

We left the lakeside and made our way up the hill towards the Hall and the stable block (seen here on the left) which houses a souvenir shop, cafe and other business enterprises too.
Industrial Museum Access

Also within the stable block complex which we walked through, in the Nottingham Industrial Museum.
Car Park

Passing through the stable block we made our way to the car park and began our exit from the park by walking down the long path back to Wollaton Road.

Red Deer

As we walked down the path we caught our first sight of the deer that live in the park.
Stag & Friends

Village CentreAdmiral RodneyThe deer were slowly moving away from the path but with the aid of the zoom on the camera I managed this shot of the stag. We left the park and turned left to follow Wollaton Road into the village centre (left) and passed the Admiral Rodney pub (right). Our walk wasn't quite over though as we needed to walk a little further along Wollaton Road to the bus stop on Trowell Road to catch the bus home.

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