Wollaton - But It's Not January
w/e 09 May 2021
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

There's a mantra in this house that if it's January, it must be time for a trip to Wollaton. That's because in the period after Christmas each year there's not a lot going on and we usually end up during the month enjoying a walk in the Deer Park there. The pandemic put paid to such a trip this year but now that the restrictions are being eased it only seemed natural to head in that direction - and this is the result.

Entrance Gate

We entered the park from Parkside passing through a gap in the trees that splits Thompson's Wood into two halves to reach the avenue that leads down to the lake. Instead of heading directly to the lake we turned left to follow another path along the edge of the northern part of the wood.
Wollaton Park

There were glimpses of bluebells in the wood and way over to the right we spotted some of the park's deer lying on the grass but we continued along the edge of the wood for about a quarter of a mile.
Gate Post

At an old gate post the path meets an area of the park called Pilkington's Paddock. We followed the path round to the right to head towards the lake.
Ha-ha Wall

The path runs alongside the ha-ha wall all the way to the lake.
The Hall

Over to the left and up the slope we could see the Hall peeping over the trees and also as we neared the lake, a path leading down to it from the Hall.

The path crosses the ha-ha via a small bridge and so did we.
The Lake

Feeding AreaFeeding FrenzyThis is a popular feeding area for the water birds and as we neared a reception party swam towards us. A feeding frenzy followed but it was not so much the waterfowl but numerous black birds of the crow family that descended with raucous calls from the trees. We contemplated walking around the lake to extend the walk but as we stood here one of the forecast showers started.
Robin Hood Way

We decided therefore to head back to the avenue to exit the park again onto Parkside and as we did so the rainfall turned to hail. The avenue is actually part of the long distance route known as "The Robin Hood Way".
Fallow Deer

On the way back up the avenue we were closer to those fallow deer we had seen earlier.


And with the benefit of the zoom lens I was able to get a few close up shots of them, of which this is one.

Thompson's Wood

With the small hail stones now bouncing up off the ground I was still able to get this shot of the bluebells in the southern half of Thompson's Wood before exiting the park. Because we had shortened the route it turned out to be only about a mile in length but that leaves plenty for next time which, pandemic permitting, will more likely than not, be next January! Well, if it's January .... you know the rest.

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