Wollaton - A Linear Route
w/e 26 January 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

It's January and that means we are due to make our usual trip to Wollaton for a walk through the Deer Park. This year, and whether you believe in global warming or climate change or not, we reduced our carbon footprint by using public transport instead of taking the car.

Doctors Corner

We took the bus to Doctors Corner. I'm sure there should be an apostrophe in there somewhere but not sure whether it was one doctor or more. The former surgery on the corner is now a day nursery. I don't know when I first heard this road junction called Doctors Corner but it seems it is common knowledge and everyone still calls it that. We crossed Russell Drive which has bypassed the old village since the 1930s using the pedestrian crossing on the left of the picture above and followed Wollaton Road on the right.
Village Centre

In the centre of the village the Admiral Rodney pub stands opposite Bramcote Lane with St Leonard's Church just beyond.
Wollaton Road

We continued along Wollaton Road past the church and rounded the corner to reach the park.
Wollaton Park

A heavy wooden gate gave us access to the park and a pedestrian walkway. After passing the first tree we turned left to walk along another footpath to reach the vehicular access which leads up to the Hall.
Wollaton Hall

Walking along the vehicular route we could only get glimpses of the Hall through the tree branches and the morning mist.
Adventure Playground

There used to be a football pitch on the left of the road which I remember from my refereeing days many a long year ago, but part of the area is now used as an adventure playground although there is probably still enough room for a pitch.
Unnamed Avenue

Crossing the car park, a right turn took us to a long straight unnamed avenue.
Hilltop Position

Along here gave us a better view of the Hall and its hilltop position but a visit was not on the itinerary today.
Digby Avenue

Instead we turned left to walk down Digby Avenue with the private golf course on the right.


This would lead us out of the park again and to a bus stop for the return journey home but on the way there were many trees that have stood in the park for a great deal of time. Many are worthy of closer inspection but I was struck by the gnarled branches of this one in particular that I thought, for no other reason, was worth recording with a photo.
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