Wollaton - A Wollaton Wander
w/e 22 January 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Well this wasn't in the forecast! Thursday was a dull, overcast and grey day and two different weather forecasters predicted a similar day for Friday with a possibility of a bright spell or two about 3pm. Now I know I had an appointment with the optician on Friday morning but I didn't need my eyes testing to see the sun shining out of a bright blue sky when I rose from my slumbers. Just before lunch when we decided to make our customary January visit to Wollaton Park it was a lovely, bright, clear and frosty winter's day. In fact it was almost a spring day and the pictures from our "Wollaton Wander" don't lie.

Digby Avenue

We have been to Wollaton Park many times but this was the first time we had entered through an entrance off Harrow Road that leads by this long drive called Digby Avenue towards the Hall.
Golf Course

On the left of the Digby Avenue is the Wollaton Park Golf Course which appeared to be deserted.
On The Tee

However on the tee at the far end of the avenue were four intrepid golfers where one of them was ignoring the frosty conditions and was sporting shorts.
Lime Tree Avenue

The golf course is split into two distinct sections and Digby Avenue swings round to join Lime Tree Avenue which if we were to continue along would take us out of the park onto Middleton Boulevard.
The Ascent

Instead we turned right to follow Lime Tree Avenue in the opposite direction ascending the incline up the hillside. Another narrower path on the left leads up to Wollaton Hall which we glimpsed through the trees.
At The Brow

At the brow of the hill we looked down over the parkland and playing fields noting the line of trees on the left which mark one of the usual entrance routes into the park.
The Hall

Although that entrance is now the main vehicular way into the park and the one used by most visitors, it does in fact lead to the rear of the Hall but to the view most people associate with Wollaton Hall. We turned right from the brow of the hill but not before a backward glance into the sunshine towards the Hall.
Unnamed Avenue

We followed a short path across the grass to pick up another avenue between the trees leading to Wollaton Road. We followed this almost to the end before turning off to the right to make our way back to the starting point.
Boundary Wall

We assumed we could get back that way and when saw some people walking by the wall with purpose decided to take a chance and followed them across the grass.
And Out Again

We were not mistaken and keeping the houses on Harrow Road to our left we soon returned to the gate by which we had entered the park. At a few steps short of a mile and a half it was not a long walk by any stretch of the imagination but it was a pleasant walk and opens up the possibility of longer routes in the park in the future. We may even get to the lake and see the deer on the other side of the Hall. But if custom dictates we'll probably have to wait for another January!

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