Shipley - Pond & Parkrun
w/e 14 January 2024
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

Osborne's Pond

On a cold, bright Saturday morning we made our way to Shipley and entered the Country Park near Osborne's Pond. We were almost swallowed up by a walking group but we paused by the overflow channel as the group made its way over the dam wall.
Thin Ice

A warning sign at the park entrance told of thin ice on the pond and although it was extremely thin, it was still visible on the water.
Unsafe Pier

Another warning of an unsafe structure was fastened to the wooden pier and that was sufficient to keep me roadside of the fence along the edge of the dam.
Shipley Lane

As we continued along Shipley Lane we were passed by the last of the walking group.
Cinderhill Coppice

We turned off the lane to walk along the path by the pond and in the distance could make out Saturday morning runners taking part in the weekly Parkrun event. They had climbed up the uneven path from the pond and were continuing along the path between the hedgerow and Cinderhill Coppice which covers the hill top.

Pond-side Path

We continued along the much gentler route along the southern side of the pond.

We were also treated to some lovely views across the water between the trees and bushes that line the pond.
Divided Attention

As we neared the western end of the pond, our attention was divided between the swans, geese and ducks on the water and the parkrunners coming towards us.

It is almost impossible to come to Shipley Country Park, especially at this time of year, and not feed the birds so that is where out attention settled.

We started up the slope away from the pond towards the Visitor Centre passing the last of the parkrun stragglers and volunteer marshals before heading out of the park again. This photo is timed at 10:31am and the 5km Parkrun event starts at 9:00am each Saturday morning. If I want some pictures of the elite runners I will obviously have to get up earlier!

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