Shipley Country Park - On The Hill
w/e 13 February 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

It's twenty years this week since the first images were uploaded to this site for the week ending 17th February 2002. Since then there are not many places locally that we have not visited to take photos for the site and many of them have seen our presence on more than one occasion. One such place of course is Shipley Country Park and that's where we ended up one bright and sunny morning this week as we enjoyed another wander up and down Shipley Hill.

Up Dog Kennel Lane

We approached the hill from the Nutbrook Trail and started the climb along Dog Kennel Lane.
Nottingham Lodge

As we neared the top of Dog Kennel Lane, Nottingham Lodge appeared on the left.
The Wood

We turned left at the end of Dog Kennel Lane to walk in front of the Lodge and skirted the boundary into the wood, making our way to the ha-ha wall.
Shipley Hall Site

Passing through the wood we reached the site of the former Shipley Hall and crossed it to descend a little way via the zig-zag access road to Beggars Walk.
Beggars Walk

The hillside here at Beggars Walk is covered with snowdrops at the moment. A sign indicating the path used by poor people in the past to visit the kitchens at the Hall for handout can be seen at the foot of the tree on the right.
Hall Grounds

We doubled back from Beggars Walk to head towards Dog Kennel Lane but took the path on the inside of the Suffragette Wall into the grounds of the Hall. Between the wall and the path is another surfeit of snowdrops.

Snowdrops Close Up

And this is the obligatory close up of the flowers.
Suffragette Wall

It was a lovely morning and had we been able to see through the slight haze hanging over the fields below the Suffragette Wall, we may have been able to see Osborne's Pond from here.
Down Dog Kennel Lane

After making our way through the wood again and past Nottingham Lodge we returned to Dog Kennel Lane, this time to go down the hill.
Nutbrook Trail

We joined the Nutbrook Trail again to exit the park. The Trail which stretches from Heanor to Long Eaton is another path we have often walked in the last twenty years and will no doubt feature again but if you'd like to know more about the Shipley Country Park and the Hall site, let me point you to the
Miller Mundy Memories section of this site but please be aware that was added in 2007 and part of the series around Home Farm is now private property.

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