Shipley Country Park - Cross Country
w/e 19 January 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

After a week that had seen a lot of rain, Saturday dawned bright and sunny. Although the conditions underfoot were damp to say the least we thought we would take advantage of the fine weather and go for a walk in Shipley Country Park.

The road near the access to the park adjacent to Osborne's Pond was solid with parked cars so we entered the park from another access point and. crossing the National Cycle Route 67, followed the path up the slope towards the Visitor Centre.

At the top of the slope there seemed to be quite a number of people about with many of them walking dogs.

But then we noticed a lot more people near the Cinderhill Coppice with runners going in all directions and we assumed there must be an event taking place.

It turned out it was the Derbyshire School Sports Association Cross Country Championships with races being held in three different age groups.

When most of the runners had passed we continued down the path to Osborne's Pond.

As we reached the pond another runner came along the path towards us but it was not clear whether he was leading the race or bringing up the rear. I suspect he was out in front.

He was soon followed by more runners who splashed through the mud as they turned into the wood.

We continued along the path with Osborne's Pond and some anglers on the left.

To the right more runners came down the lane from Derby Lodge and turned to cross the field.

From the lane we watched the runners for a while as they raced towards the muddy entrance to the wood before we carried on around the pond and back to the car.
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