Shipley Country Park - Harvest Time
w/e 08 September 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

These images all come from a recent short walk of just under two miles in Shipley Country Park at harvest time on a hot and sunny afternoon.

Adams Pond

We entered the park from Old Coppice Side at Marlpool, headed for the Visitor Cantre and took the path behind it which led us past Adams Pond. The pond is just visible in the centre of this picture.
Young People's Forest

The path continues between open countryside to the right which shortly becomes the site of the Young People's Forest and trees to the left. The Woodland Trust has acquired 400 acres of the former opencast coal site known as Mead and plans to create a forest involving many young people in the process. The path used to go to a right angled turn to approach Flatmeadow Farm from the rear - a route I took in the Shipley Shuffle sponsored walk walk for the British Heart Foundation back in 2002 - but now it has been diverted to pass through the trees.

The Large Field

Leaving the trees behind the land to the left opens out to a large field where it was obvious work for the harvest was in full swing.
Flatmeadow Farm

The path now passes in front of the Flatmeadow Farmhouse.

Home Farm

Zooming across the field from Flatmeadow Farm and beyond the tractor in the field, Home Farm is visible on Shipley Hill.
Making Hay

The tractor was being driven around the field in ever decreasing circles, spinning and turning the hay to help it dry in the sun - making hay while the sun shines.
Shady Path

On reaching Bell Lane we turned left and after about a quarter of a mile turned left again out of the hot sun onto the shady path back to the Visitor Centre.
Horse Riders

Apart from the tractor driver we had seen only one other person on the first part of the walk but there were more on the return to the Visitor Centre including a couple of horse riders. We continued along the path passing Cinderhill Coppice seen here on the right.
Wildflower Meadow

With the Coppice still on the right we passed an area on the left which is the park's wildflower meadow.
Ramblers Cafe

We eventually saw the welcome sight of the Visitor Centre and the Ramblers Cafe.

And with coffee being available, well it would be rude not to really wouldn't it? But I think they were a bit generous with the frothed milk!
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