Shipley Country Park - An Autumn Walk
w/e 04 November 2018
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

This is just a short circular walk of about one and a half miles in the park on a cool but bright autumn afternoon.

Dog Kennel Lane

We began on the part of the Nutbrook Trail that is called Dog Kennel Lane but the Lane soon splits from the Trail to climb up Shipley Hill. We were passed by a couple of bike riders and although the path doesn't look too steep the sound of their exertions as they pedalled to the top were quite audible.
Nottingham Lodge

As we neared the top of the path Nottingham Lodge became visible through a gap in the trees.
Cricket Ground View

Whether you're on a bike or just walking it's always worth a pause at Nottingham Lodge not just to regain your breath but also to enjoy the view towards the cricket ground.
Ha-Ha Wall

We skirted round the Lodge and continued to the top of the hill entering the wood by the ha-ha wall.
Mature Trees

There are some very mature trees in the wood as can be judged by the people in the distance. There is a path through the wood but it is obscured at the moment by all the fallen leaves.
Fallen Leaves

Turning right on another path took us out of the wood and past the site of the Hall. From there we continued across the leaf covered grass towards the former Beech Walk. Sadly the beech trees were old and diseased and had to be felled some years ago.
Water Tower

Across the grass is the converted water tower and the various autumn colours were apparent too in the trees.
Shipley Hill

We dropped down from the top of the hill to Shipley Lane and were entertained by a number of squirrels scampering around and up and down the trees. A left turn took us along the boundary of the wood past the former graveyard of the Miller-Mundy family who once owned the Shipley estate. The graveyard lies at the foot of the hill on the edge of the wood.
Grassy Bank

We left the wood again and moved onto the bank where the several paths have been mowed through the grass.
Memorial Wood

Circling round the hill we headed past the Memorial Wood on the left where every tree has been planted in memory of someone back to the Nutbrook Trail to return to the starting point.

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