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Shipley - In Search Of Snowdrops
w/e 11 February 2018
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

We took this two mile walk in Shipley Country Park just a couple of days into February and wondered if it was a little early in the year to see snowdrops. You can follow our route from The Field on here.

Lodge Walk

We followed Dog Kennel Lane up Shipley Hill as far as the Suffragette Wall on Lodge Walk. The wall was built in the early 1900s to protect the Miller-Mundy estate from the suffrage movement. Snowdrops usually grow in the distance to the right of Lodge Walk but as none were visible from here we turned left to pass in front and to the side of Nottingham Lodge.

Passing through a squeeze stile we continued up to the top of the hill along a well used footpath.

We picked up the track through the wood and spotted some patches of white among the trees but these were not snowdrops but turned out to be piles of sawdust.
In The Wood

One patch however did indeed turn out to be snowdrops.
Between The Trees

Passing through a clearing in the wood and the site of the old Hall we re-entered the wood to find many more flowers filling the spaces between the trees.
Down The Bank

We dropped down onto Shipley Lane and turned right where we found the bank down from the lane opposite Gardens House also covered with snowdrops.

Our search had not been in vain.
Shipley Lane

Continuing along Shipley Lane we passed Derby Lodge which is just beyond the wall on the right.
Osborne's Pond

The Coach Road by the side of the Lodge leads up to Lodge Walk where no doubt there would have been many more snowdrops but we continued down Shipley Lane to Osborne's Pond.
Nutbrook Trail

Turning right at Osborne's Pond we picked up the Nutbrook Trail to return to The Field to conclude the walk.

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