Shipley Country Park - Mapperley Reservoir
w/e 19 November 2017
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

At the end of October we took a short walk of a little under a mile in a clockwise direction around Osborne's Pond at the northern edge of Shipley Country Park. This week we've enjoyed another short walk this time of a touch over a mile around another body of water, Mapperley Reservoir, in an anti-clockwise direction at the southern edge of the park.

From The Car Park

We used the reservoir car park as our starting point and walked down one of the paths towards the water.
Waterside Path

We turned right to follow the path along the side of the water.

The sun was low in the sky which meant views across the reservoir were all silhouettes.

I'm not sure whether the berries are a sign of a good summer and harvest or a warning of a bad winter to come but we followed the path around the western end of the reservoir.
Viewing Point

Another short path leads from the main path to a "hide" or viewing point at the water's edge.

At the end point of the reservoir the path splits with the right hand route leading into John's Wood and the left, our choice, to Square Wood. Both paths lead to footbridges over the inlet stream to the reservoir.
Square Wood

The path through Square Wood on the southern side of the reservoir is further away from the water than on the northern side and there are various routes through the trees. Keeping to the left however eventually leads back closer to the water.
Dam Wall

The dam wall soon becomes visible through the trees.
Shipley Lane

A left turn where the path meets Shipley Lane leads over the dam. with the land on the other side of the lane being Mapperley Wood Nature Reserve.
Pond House

Another left turn at the far end of the dam took us back along the northern side of the reservoir past Pond House where we turned right to get back to the car park.

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