Shipley Country Park - At Daffodil Time
w/e 03 April 2011
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Lodge Garden

It's just about three months since our last selection of images from Shipley Park and back at the beginning of January we didn't get much further than the car park at the Visitor Centre. This time we entered the park at Osborne's Pond and walked up the lane to Derby Lodge where this shot showing the last of the crocuses and blooming daffodils in the garden there, also shows the track by which we would return later following our walk around the Hall site at the top of the hill.
Lane To Mapperley

We continued by following the lane up the hill past Derby Lodge, the redevelopment at Home Farm and on to Gardens House (to the left of this view) continuing towards Mapperley Village.
Into The Wood

A little further on we left the lane and turned into the wood to climb up to the top of the hill. The snowdrops have finished for this year, the bluebells are still to flower but the daffodils were in full bloom beneath the trees.
By The Folly

Following the tunnel-like path caused by the overhanging trees we walked along the path by the folly around the top of the hill.

About half way round we left by another path flanked by the genus Narcissus (that's daffodils to you and me) towards the site of Shipley Hall.

The Hall site is surrounded by a park-like landscape with a large variety of trees the most notable being the Blue Cedar that was planted in 1904 by the Prince of Wales who later became King Edward VII and is seen here in the centre of this view.
Coach Road

We began our return to Derby Lodge from the Hall by descending the hill via the old Coach Road where we saw a dozen or more squirrels scampering about and scuttling up the trees.

The squirrels proved exceedingly difficult to photograph as they darted from place to place but one obligingly climbed up a tree on the right and crossed over the Coach Road, pausing in the middle before leaping across to another tree on the left. As it paused just long enough for this shot, it glanced down and gave me a disdainful look before continuing on its merry way.
Lodge Walk

And as we continued down Coach Road, the daffodils were once again a feature of the view along Lodge Walk towards the Suffragette Wall and Nottingham Lodge at the far end.
Derby Lodge

We completed the circuit by returning to Derby Lodge, this time seeing the garden and the gates from where the first photo on this page was taken from the opposite side. Then it was back down the lane to Osborne's Pond. These few images only give a brief glimpse of Shipley Country Park around the Hall site but there is much more detail about Shipley Hall and the Miller Mundy family in the Special Feature on this site called Miller Mundy Memories.

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